Kathrine Kuykendall

When she was 25 years old Kathrine decided she wanted to learn how to do beadwork, so her best friend Amanda McCoy started teaching her. That decision is what started her journey to learn more about her culture. Even though this craft hasn’t been passed down through her family, Kathrine picked up the numerous stitches quickly and has even taught Amanda and another friend some new styles of beading, with the intention to teach others.

Kathrine wants to teach Americans about the people who’ve lived here for thousands of years, which she plans to do through her art. She desires to bring our beautiful jewelry to all parts of the world, and in doing that Kathrine aims to change the view of how the world looks at Native Americans through teaching and learning more about her culture.

Cherokee artist Aaliyah Swimmer

“I would like to teach Americans about the people who lived here for thousands of year through my art.”