James Paul McCoy

James Paul has always held an appreciation for the arts since he was a child watching and helping his parents make dreamcatchers. He started drawing mostly in both pencil and pen and ink until he found he could also use beads to create a type of drawing using those beads as his medium. Using a mixture of bees wax and pine resin he is able to sketch out his designs in the wax and when he’s ready to start the beading process the beads are easily moved if needed.

The mother of his daughter taught James Paul how to create rope necklaces, and together they are teaching their daughter Phoenix the art of beadwork. James Paul is proud to do his artwork because it brings him joy. People have encouraged him to not throw away his talent, and he thanks everyone that has inspired him over the years.

Cherokee artist Aaliyah Swimmer

“The art of beadwork brings me joy and I’m thankful for the people who have encouraged and inspired me over the years.”