Helena Lipscomb

Artistic talent runs in the family of poet and writer Helena Lipscomb.  A native of Cherokee, N.C., Lipscomb has a son and several uncles that are known for their famous woodcarving work.

In the case of Lipscomb herself, she has seen her poems and articles published in regional outlets like Cherokee Writers, Cherokee Heritage Trails and the Cherokee One Feather. Her other artistic endeavors include creating art for the outdoors and repurposing items into original art pieces. She describes herself as “self-taught but culturally inspired.”

It wasn’t until 2015, when she retired from careers that spanned the teaching, medical and public relations fields that her artistic endeavors went from sitting on the back burner to taking center stage in her life.

To date, those endeavors have included starting a program called “Start My Art” Collection, which makes reasonably priced art available for young people to purchase.  Lipscomb hopes the effort will create art appreciation and greater interest in the artistic world from young people.

Still a resident on the Cherokee Indian Reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina, Lipscomb continually educates and promotes Cherokee culture in modern, contemporary forms with a focus on gorgets, language and petroglyphs.

With a Bachelor of Science in education from Western Carolina University, she is also an avid hosta grower and raised bed gardener. She loves traveling in the United States and abroad and visiting Cherokee historical sites for her artistic inspiration.

“I am self-taught but culturally inspired.”