Allen Blue Welch

Allen Blue Welch was about 8 years old when he was fishing with his dad at the lake and he decided to try woodcarving. Blues parents Jimmy and Bessie Welch taught him how to bust down wood for basket making, bow and carvings. When he started high school Blue chose to take a carving class with the late Amanda Crowe as his instructor. All of these teachers gave him valuable information and tools he could use in everyday life.

After being discharged from the Marine Corps Blue he became a Wildlife BioTech and wanted a specific type of knife, when he couldn’t find it he decided to try and make his own. Starting with a bench grinder, metal file and a hand drill he made the style he was aiming for, but he chose to visit Robbie Bowman in Pigeon Forge and learn more about blacksmithing.

Blue passes on the knowledge he has to others in the hopes it will help them.

Cherokee knife maker Blue Welch

“I pass on what I’ve learned about carving and blacksmithing in hopes it will help them.”